Find the answers to the most common questions about our story, products, services, and partner hotels. 

About the Company  

What is zenrooms solutions? 

We are Southeast Asia’s #1 hotel solutions and software provider.

We provide hotels with top-performing software and digital solutions to help them increase occupancy, maximize revenue, and improve operational efficiency. zenrooms solutions is now part of the Yanolja Group, Korea’s #1 travel group, backed by Booking Holdings, Softbank, and GIC. 

How did zenrooms solutions start?

zenrooms solutions is the hotel solutions arm of ZEN Rooms aimed at providing hotels with topnotch software. 

While ZEN Rooms has become a successful hotel chain, we realized we can help more hotels by providing them with digital solutions to improve operations. We created zenrooms solutions to accomplish this mission. We partner with hotels in Southeast Asia and work together to help them grow their operations and fulfill their business goals. 

Where is zenrooms solutions located?

zenrooms solutions mostly operate in Southeast Asia. 

We are transforming the hospitality industry in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines. 

What products and services does zenrooms solutions offer?

We are a hotel solutions provider aiming to boost revenue & occupancy.

zenrooms solutions provides hotels with cloud-based hotel management software and expert advice to help their business perform better. Our experienced hotel professionals provide guidance and mentorship in hotel management and software. 

About Our Products

What is a hotel management system? 

A hotel management system is a set of software applications designed to help run hotel operations.

“Hotel management system” is a commonly-used catchall term to refer to hotel software, hotel tech, or digital solutions aimed to help in different aspects of the hotel business. 

Why is a hotel management system important?

HMS automation improves efficiency and reduces human errors. 

In recent years, hotel management systems and hospitality software have become indispensable to hoteliers. 

What is the best hotel management system?

ZEN Hotel Management System is an all-in-one hotel management system. 

Some of the benefits of our hotel management system include: 

  • All-in-one management software 
  • Integrated Property Management System and Channel Manager 
  • Better room inventory management 
  • Seamless reservation system
  • 24/7 access to property system

What is a property management system?

A hotel PMS helps to manage hotel operations, front- & back-office tasks. 

Why is a property management system important?

A hotel PMS makes daily ops management easier. 

It helps hoteliers save time and resources by automating daily managerial and business tasks while also relaying relevant information to ensure smooth operations. 

What is the best property management system?

ZEN PMS is a multi-property and inventory systems for hotels. 

Some benefits of using ZEN Property Management System include: 

  • Increased staff efficiency
  • Streamlined hotel operations and processes
  • Better billings and financial management
  • Automated room inventory management

What is a hotel revenue management system?

A hotel RMS is a digital system that maximizes revenue and helps with yield management. 

Many RMS are used to generate hotel room rates, get competitive data, find ways to increase revenue, and help hoteliers manage resources better. 

Why is a hotel revenue management system important?

An RMS auto-generates the most competitive hotel room rates.

The software also automatically updates room rates to reflect changes in market trends and booking patterns. The real-time application of rates and adjustments makes it easier for hoteliers to sell out their inventory than if they manually made changes. 

What is the best hotel revenue management system?

ZEN RMS is an AI-operated hotel pricing software. 

Some benefits of using ZEN Revenue Management Software include: 

  • Increased revenue and earnings
  • Increased hotel bookings
  • Better resource management
  • Competitive room rates

What is a hotel channel manager?

A hotel channel manager is a room distribution and OTA management software.

It’s a software application that can be used to bulk manage multiple reservations from third-party booking platforms and OTAs. 

Why is a hotel channel manager important?

A hotel channel manager makes it easier to manage bookings from external sources. 

The hotel software integrates with third-party booking platforms and maximizes room sales by diversifying room listings. 

What is the best hotel channel manager?

ZEN CM is a top-rated software that connects your hotel to over 130 of the most popular OTAs and booking platforms simultaneously.

Some benefits of using ZEN Channel Manager: 

  • Single-point dashboard for all bookings
  • Automatic inventory update
  • Maintain rate parity
  • Monitor competitor rates

What is a hotel website builder?

A hotel website builder is a software that hoteliers can use to create their own website. 

It’s an easy-to-use software that let’s hoteliers use pre-made templates, customize elements, and add relevant content to create their perfect website. 

Why is a hotel website builder important?

The software allows hoteliers to create their own website without the help of a professional website designer. 

A website builder makes the website creation process easier for hoteliers without technical knowledge of coding or programming. 

What is the best hotel website builder?

ZEN Website Builder is a beginner-friendly hotel website builder and comes with FREE hosting and SSL. 

Some benefits of using ZEN Panorama include: 

  • Get direct hotel bookings
  • Increase online visibility and brand awareness
  • Drive hotel marketing efforts
  • Reduce OTA booking fees

What is a hotel booking engine?

A hotel booking engine is software that allows guests to make reservations directly on the website. 

Guests can select their booking dates, room type, input details, and add special requests on the website without the assistance of a hotel employee. 

Why is a hotel booking engine important?

A hotel booking engine increases revenue by driving direct bookings on the website.

Hoteliers can enjoy 100% of revenue per reservation with a booking engine. Commission fees, listing fees, and other charges from OTAs can be avoided by diverting customers to the hotel website for reservations.

What is the best hotel booking engine?

ZEN Booking Engine is a commission-free hotel software that integrates with your website to allow guests to make their own hotel reservations. 

Some benefits of using our booking engine include: 

  • Up to 45% increase in hotel bookings
  • 24/7 availability for reservations
  • Commission-free bookings
  • Allows for upselling other hotel services

What is a hotel reservation system?

A hotel reservation system manages bookings from all sources. 

It’s a set of hotel software working together to gather, store, and manage hotel bookings from multiple sources. It automates the reservation process and makes it easier to manage multiple bookings. 

What is the best hotel reservation system?

ZEN offers a complete hotel reservation system for both large- and small-scale hotels. 

Our packaged hotel reservations system comes in the form of a Booking Engine, a customized Hotel Website, and a CM integrated together to manage all reservations. 

Some benefits of using our hotel reservation system include: 

  • Seamless software integration
  • Easier inventory management
  • Less human errors 
  • Better customer service

What is a hotel reputation management system?

A hotel reputation management system helps hoteliers create a positive brand image. 

It is an online software that gathers, monitors, and addresses hotel reviews and ratings. Hoteliers can use this system to improve their services and address weaknesses to satisfy customer expectations.

Why is a hotel reputation management system important?

A hotel reputation management system helps hoteliers keep track of online reviews that can potentially harm their business. 

The software catches all online reviews and ratings, even those that can easily be missed, so that they can be addressed promptly before escalating. The information also provides insight into customer preferences and trends. 

What is the best hotel reputation management system?

ZEN Reputation Management System makes it easy for hoteliers to track and respond to hotel reviews and feedback. 

Some benefits of using ZEN Reputation Management System  include: 

  • Manage reviews from a single software
  • Address negative reviews
  • Gather and display positive feedback
  • Get insights to improve hotel services 

What is a hotel restaurant POS?

A hotel restaurant point-of-sale system is an order-management software.

It simplifies restaurant operations and automates the ordering process for faster and more efficient customer service.

Why is a hotel restaurant POS important?

A hotel restaurant POS helps hotel restaurant staff manage orders and serve customers. 

An automated system is useful in organizing orders and managing multiple tables, especially during peak hours. It makes it easier for employees to keep track of orders and their status without slowing down. 

What is the best hotel restaurant POS?

ZEN Hotel Restaurant POS is a world-class order management system for hotel restaurants. 

Some benefits of using ZEN Hotel Restaurant POS Manage orders effectively using a single dashboard

  • Monitor online orders via app
  • Organize orders and requests
  • Manage home delivery orders

About Our Services

How much are ZEN hotel management systems?

Check our affordable pricing plans here or book a meeting. 

We offer partner hotels commission-based and fixed rate plans to accommodate their business needs. Both pricing plans are customized to fit a hotel’s scale of operations and goals. 

Do you offer free trials?

All products have a FREE 14-day trial and installation. 

Interested hotels also enjoy FREE onboarding at 0% DP. Cancellation is also free at any time. 

Do you offer free consultations?

Yes, book a meeting here.