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Increase revenue by 30% with Dynamic Pricing.

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Save up to 6 hours of labor with our Property Management System.

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eZee Optimus is the only restaurant management software you need for taking and handling orders effectively. With a restaurant POS system, you can:

Organize Orders
Organize orders effectively
Manage Orders App
Monitor online orders via the app
Manage Online Orders
Manage online orders via a single dashboard
Manage Home Delivery
Manage home delivery orders efficiently

Embraced and trusted by 2500+ restaurants

and more!

A Restaurant POS System makes front office management easier

Menu Management

This feature allows you to set up menus as many as you’d like for every season. Whether that’s seasonal, happy hours, or periodic, you’ll never have to worry about items and their corresponding prices.

Restaurant Tablet POS

Monitor floor activities, perform quick operations, and get insights with just a few taps of your finger.

Restaurant Chain Management

The cloud-based restaurant management system lets you know what’s happening across all your branches anytime, anywhere.

Customer Retention

With the restaurant management system’s ability to save customer details, freely engage with your customers through SMSes and emails. Keep them up to date with ongoing promos and discounts.

Streamline your back office management and operations through a Restaurant Management System

Inventory & Stock Management
Inventory & Stock Management

Track your inventory in real-time and set up thresholds to avoid getting out of stock and excess inventory than required.

Billings & Payments
Billings & Payments

Have a hassle-free billing process. With a Restaurant POS System, you can split bills, provide multiple payment options, and more.

Handle Staff
Handle staff shifts with ease

Track your staff’s schedule easily with a restaurant management system.

Generate Reports
Generate reports easily

Produce customized daily sales reports, cashier summary reports and more by selecting required fields through the restaurant management software.

Best Restaurant Management System

eZee Optimus is the best restaurant management system for F&B businesses for the following reasons:

No downtime
No hardware hassles
Access anytime, anywhere
Secured with HTTPS

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