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Increase revenue by 30% with Dynamic Pricing.

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Save up to 6 hours of labor with our Property Management System.

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With a reputation management software, your hotel can:

Manage Review
Manage reviews from a single place
Check Track and respond to all your reviews – from Google, OTAs, and even your website – all in one place
Check Examine all reviews from the oldest up to the latest ones
Check Use pre-drafted response templates
Hotel Service
Improve your hotel services effectively
Check An online reputation management software empowers you to understand your guests’ wants and needs in-depth, allowing you to know what works and what doesn’t
Best Foot Forward
Bring its best foot forward
Check Get accurate evaluation across all booking sites
Check Identify which products/services are being favored by guests
Organize Reviews
Organize your reviews accordingly
Check Know which reviews to highlight and hide
Check Segregate your reviews with respect to the action needed
Get valuable insight
Check Get a detailed analysis of your hotel performance
Check Understand metrics better through graphical representation

Our reputation management software allows you to manage reviews across various websites, including:

Your hotel website, and more!

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