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Increase revenue by 30% with Dynamic Pricing.

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Save up to 6 hours of labor with our Property Management System.

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Be a ZEN Affiliate in 3 easy steps!
No need for previous sales or marketing experience.
Generate Link
Generate your unique link
Register and generate your affiliate link. Familiarize yourself with the basics of our hotel software so you can effectively recommend them to your network.
Affiliate Link
Talk about our hotel software and share your unique link with hotels
Talk to your network about how our hotel software can help their business.
Ask them to use your affiliate link when they request a demo with us.
It’s important that they use your affiliate link so the lead will be credited to you!
Earn a commission for successful referral
Receive 50 USD every time a hotel referral signs a contract with ZEN.
There’s no limit to how many hotels you can recommend to us!
The more hotels you can sign, the bigger you earn!
Anyone can be a ZEN Affiliate!
You don’t need to be a hotelier, hotel manager, or even be part of the hospitality industry! We encourage everyone interested to join and be mentored by our team of qualified experts.
Source of income
Have an extra source of income
Earn 50 USD for every successful onboarding and enjoy unlimited earning potential.
Get access to resources you need to make a referral
We’ll provide you with all the tools and information you need to make successful referrals.
Build connections through our affiliate network
Join our team of ZEN Affiliates when you join our growing community.
Become a ZEN Affiliate
Introduce hotels to our top-performing hotel software
Zen Emanager
Zen Emanager
Hotel pricing software + dedicated revenue expert
AI-operated revenue management software
Channel Manager
Channel Manager
Distribution and OTA management system
Property Management System
Property Management System
Manage frontdesk and back office operations
Online Hotel Management System
Online Hotel Management System
Channel manager + PMS
Website Builder Hotel
Website Builder Hotel
Easy-to-use website builder
Sistem Booking
Sistem Booking
Get direct bookings on your website
Reputation Management System
Reputation Management System
Monitor and manage online reviews
Restaurant POS
Restaurant POS
Order-management system
Frequently Asked Questions About ZEN Affiliate Program
What is the ZEN Affiliate Program?
The ZEN Affiliate Program is a referral initiative to connect with potential partner hotels
We invite hospitality professionals, enthusiasts, and other interested individuals to tap into their network and introduce ZEN and our services to hotels. Every successful referral is rewarded with 50 USD.
What type of properties would be interested in partnering with ZEN?
ZEN works with both large- and small-scale properties.
Affiliates are encouraged to seek hotels of any scale as long as they think the property would benefit from using ZEN’s hotel software.
What counts as a “successful referral”?
Successful referrals are hotels that have signed and onboarded with ZEN.
Referrals that do not proceed with contract signing are considered null and void.
How are ZEN Affiliates paid?
ZEN Affiliates have multiple payment options available.
ZEN Affiliates are paid on commission upon successful referrals on a monthly basis.