Here’s Everything You Need to Know About a Restaurant POS System

The hospitality business is so intertwined with the food & beverage industry that guests expect to find at least one food establishment inside their accommodations. And with those expectations also come the assumption that hotel restaurants are capable of providing satisfactory service. This is where a restaurant POS or point-of-sale system comes in. 

What is a hotel restaurant POS system?

A hotel restaurant POS system helps hoteliers manage restaurant operations.

A hotel restaurant POS system is an order-management system that helps organize menus, inventory, prices, table orders, and billing. It’s the key secret of how hotel restaurants are able to monitor and manage every single order, especially during peak hours. 

It’s a hotel software that eases the burden of restaurant staff by organizing simultaneous orders into manageable tickets for a smooth service. 

How does a hotel restaurant POS work?

With a restaurant POS system, hoteliers and restaurant managers can input everything they need to monitor into the system. This includes the menu, prices, inventory, staff schedule, and even billing history. Once the system is fed all the relevant information, it organizes each section into the dashboard for easy info access. 

When customers begin giving out their orders, staff can just input each individual ticket into the system, transfer said ticket to the kitchen, subtract the items from the inventory, and process payment in just a matter of seconds. All that’s left to do is wait for the food to be cooked and have it delivered to the customer. 

Some restaurant POS systems can also generate sales reports to reveal insights and patterns that can help staff identify best selling items and ordering patterns. 

What are the benefits of a hotel restaurant POS?

An automated restaurant POS is like an extra pair of highly efficient hands in the business. It makes the chaotic process of managing a restaurant so much more manageable, even during the most stressful and packed times of the day. Every hotelier needs to consider investing in one if they want to make their in-house restaurant, cafe, or bar lounge a profitable part of their hospitality business. 

Some benefits of a hotel restaurant POS include better organization, improved staff productivity, and insights from sales reports.

Here are the top benefits of a using a restaurant POS system:

  1. Organized restaurant dashboard 

  2. Instantaneous order processing

  3. Better staff scheduling

  4. Take orders online

  5. Insights from reports 

  6. Reduce chances of fraud and theft

1. A restaurant POS organizes your menu, inventory, orders, sales, and payment into categorized dashboards for easy management. 

Instead of combing through files of every single ingredient, order, and sale to find the information you need, you can easily just search it on an organized digital system in seconds. There’s no need to scramble around in the middle of the lunch rush when there’s a system designed to keep everything organized for you. 

You can also better manage your resources when you have a detailed file of everything you already have and will need. You can say goodbye to overstocked produce, unpopular menu items, and unpaid bills with a handy restaurant POS. 

2. Staff can focus on hotel guests when there’s an automated restaurant POS handling table orders. 

Piled up tickets, wrong orders, and delayed food are things of the past. With a restaurant POS, waiters can just feed every table order into the system and refocus on the guest while waiting for the food. They no longer have to keep in mind which table ordered which item; the system does it for them! 

With every punched-in order, the restaurant POS also automatically subtracts the items from inventory and makes a note in the sales for faster billing. The billing system also makes accounting and cash reconciliation easier at the end of the day. 

3. The hotel restaurant POS also has a built-in schedule tracker for every employee to maximize efficiency and productivity. 

Gone are the days when restaurant managers had to cover shifts during the busiest days because they forgot to schedule in more staff. With the staff schedule tracker, each employee has a clear idea of when they are expected to work and managers can allocate human resources better to provide the best service. 

Employees also benefit from knowing their schedules ahead of time and are able to plan their days better. It’s also easier to anticipate staff shortages and the need for extra hands when there’s a timetable available for everyone’s viewing. 

4. Taking orders online and in advance is easier with a restaurant POS that can track every single ticket. 

Many hotels are now accepting advanced orders or in-room dining orders for their restaurants. With a restaurant POS, managers are able to accommodate early orders and earn more without having to serve a physical table. 

It’s a valuable feature that many guests would appreciate, especially with health protocols and social distancing rules in place. Hotel restaurants now have the option to operate even without guests dining in person. 

5. Hotel managers can generate reports and glean important insights from the restaurant POS to make strategic plans. 

Not only are restaurant POS systems valuable during the chaotic hours of operation, they’re also a goldmine of information! You can extract the bestelling items, peak hours, ordering patterns, and high-ticket combinations just from analyzing the system reports. 

Restaurant managers can plan menus, inventories, and staff schedules better when they have a clear picture of what happens in their restaurant every day. It’s also a way to identify areas of improvement, opportunities for growth, and get feedback from customers at any given time. 

6. Restaurant POS systems add a layer of security and reduce chances of fraud and theft. 

It can sometimes be hard to keep track of every payment and bill, especially when multiple orders come in. With a restaurant POS, all transactions are accounted for and organized for easy access. 

The likelihood of anyone committing fraud or theft is significantly lessened when employees are required to login to the system to make a transaction. The system keeps things in place, gives hoteliers peace of mind, and builds more trust and camaraderie among employees. 

Why do hotels need a restaurant POS system?

Hoteliers need to invest in a restaurant POS system that works separately from their regular hotel management software.

Some people might think that regular hotel management software is enough to also manage a fully operational hotel restaurant. After all, it practically involves similar processes, right? Not exactly. 

Running a hotel is completely different from running a restaurant. Hoteliers need a separate system to manage kitchen and service operations. Just keeping track of multiple menu items, ingredients, table orders, delivery items, reservations, billings, and invoices takes up so much time and effort. 

Instead of expecting staff to manually handle everything, delegate the overall management and organization of the kitchen to a restaurant POS system. It’s designed to fully adapt to the needs of a restaurant crew and can lessen the load of each employee. It saves time, effort, and money and it doesn’t even cost much to install. 

If you’re interested in an automated restaurant POS, we recommend eZee Optimus! It’s a complete restaurant management system that helps hotel managers monitor, manage, and track every aspect of the restaurant operations. Learn more about eZee Optimus here. 

A hotel restaurant POS is an easy-to-use software that helps hoteliers upsell and maximize one of their most popular facilities. Installing one can greatly improve the overall dining experience and operational efficiency of a restaurant at a reasonable price.

For any hotelier looking to upgrade the dining experience at their establishment, investing in a restaurant POS should be at the top of their to-do list. Talk to an expert today. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Hotel Restaurant POS Systems

What is a hotel restaurant POS system?

A hotel restaurant POS system is an order management software designed to help run kitchen and floor operations of a restaurant. 

Why is a hotel restaurant POS system important?

A restaurant POS system makes it easier for hoteliers to organize, manage, and monitor kitchen operations and table orders. 

How does a restaurant POS system work?

A restaurant POS system works by keeping track of different inventories, organizing order tickets, and generating reports for management. 

What is the best restaurant POS system?

eZee Optimus is a complete restaurant management system that helps hotel managers monitor, manage, and track every aspect of the restaurant operations.

Article by: Ayna Gonzales