Recapture Abandoned Bookings on Your Hotel Website

The hospitality sector has one of the highest cart abandonment rates in the B2C industry. Find out how you can work on recovering customers and improving your website conversions. 

Even before the COVID pandemic, the travel and hospitality industry have had their share of abandoned bookings. Having higher priced services means people are more likely to have longer customer journeys before making a purchase. In fact, SaleCycle reports that 81% of visitors don’t complete their bookings. 

Read below the most common reasons for abandoned bookings and how you can address them. 

Reason #1: Customers are just browsing

Many who visit a hotel’s website aren’t ready to make a reservation. Majority are going through the booking process to know how much the total cost is for their accommodation. After knowing their total, customers will most likely leave the website to look at other options.

SaleCycle notes that only 33% of abandoned carts will be checked out within the same day. The rest will either return within the week or not at all. 

Solution: Remarket abandoned bookings

Created remarketing ads that are triggered once a potential customer visits your website or starts the booking process. Have display ads and emails follow them for a week to remind them of your offer and limited deals. Within that week, send different types of ads that correspond to their customer journey, whether they’re in the awareness or interest stage or somewhere in between. 

Reason #2: Complicated booking process

A complicated booking process can easily drive away a customer. If your booking form is too long, poorly designed, or asks for too much information, you can miss out on a sale because people find it too tedious to complete. 

Solution: Simplify your forms

Have your reservations be as short and simple as possible. Only ask for necessary information. Include autofill options and have a progress bar at the bottom. If a customer abandoned their booking in the middle of the form, make sure your remarketing ads can link them back to the exact place so they won’t have to start from scratch. You can even have forms partially filled fore customers who have already booked in the past for a more efficient process. 

Reason #3: Total room rate is too expensive

Most hotels only include the base room rate in their ads and website. Customers don’t see many of the hidden fees stacked on top of the initial price. And while the low price was able to bring in customers, seeing a big difference from the base price and the total can be off-putting. So instead of checking out, customers would rather scour for better deals. 

Solution: Advertise realistic hotel room rates

Instead of attractive customers with the lowest room rates, give them competitive rates with the most benefits. These might be a bit higher than standard but those who proceed with booking will be more willing to pay if they know the added expense will provide them with more value. Because there isn’t much difference in the initial rate and total, they won’t feel deceived at check-out. 

Customers abandon hotel room bookings so often that it has become normalized in the hospitality industry. However, with a few smart techniques, you can reel customers back in with ease. The key is to provide solutions that directly address each of their problems. 

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Article by: Ayna Gonzales