FREE Online Hotel Assessment: The First Step To Increase Bookings And Improve Revenue

Being on top of changing market trends and evolving technology calls for a dynamic hotel marketing strategy. But how do you identify areas for improvement if you’re not aware of your hotel’s current performance?

Introducing ZEN Hospitality Solutions’ newest service: FREE Online Hotel Assessment

Get an overview of your hotel’s online performance and find out how you can strengthen your market position. Receive accurate reports about your website, social media reach, digital visibility and online reputation to serve as the foundation for new marketing strategies. 

Why you should take the assessment

Addressing weak points and improving your hotel strategy is much easier when you have an understanding of your current performance. Our online assessment takes into account all the relevant data you need to see how your hotel compares to market standards, current trends, and competitors. We pinpoint weak spots, areas of improvement, and growth opportunities you can capitalize on. 

See how you can improve your hotel’s online strategy

1. See your hotel’s website ranking in search engines

Your website is the first thing guests will see online. An optimized website not only makes it easier for people to find you, it also makes it more convenient for them to book rooms and locate information they need. Use our online assessment to find out if you’re implementing the best practices to maximize your online presence. 

2. Create competitive OTA listings 

Online travel agencies are one of the top sources for hotel bookings. Find out if your hotel is listed in the most popular OTAs for your market and how attractive your offers are compared to your competition. 

3. Use social media to get more bookings

Get on top of social media trends and learn how to create content that engages your audience and starts conversations. Become a top-of-mind hotel by maximizing your social media presence to drive your followers to your website. 

4. Check how guest reviews and ratings 

Reviews are one of the strongest marketing tools in the hotel industry. Find out what previous guests are saying about your hotel. Stay on top of your reviews and ratings to better address problems and improve your customer experience. 

Knowing how you perform today can help you improve your performance tomorrow.

Learn more about our FREE Online Hotel Assessment here.

Article by Ayna Gonzales