Why is it important to have a hotel website?

Did you know that in 2021, online hotel bookings increased by 40%? With more travelers opting to make their hotel bookings online, it’s critical for hotels to have a strong online presence to reach their customers. And the first step in building an online presence is having your own hotel website. 

A hotel website is the foundation of every hotel’s online efforts. It’s a hotel’s space for sharing their story, news, promotions, and their main platform for reaching out to guests. Over the years, hotel websites have evolved to include dynamic content pages, lead generation tools, booking capabilities, and other more advanced features. It’s an indispensable tool for building long-term success in the hospitality industry. 

What’s in this blog?

  1. Why is a hotel website important

  2. What should be included in a hotel website

  3. FAQs about hotel websites

Why is a hotel website important? 

Some benefits of a hotel website include guest verification, direct bookings, and info dissemination.

There are many benefits to having a hotel website. Increased credibility, more direct bookings, and better digital marketing results are just some of the advantages of having a  professional hotel website.  

Read below to learn the top 5 benefits of a hotel website. 

  1. Sets tone for your brand

  2. Guest verification

  3. Info dissemination

  4. Endpoint for marketing efforts

  5. Direct bookings

1. A professional hotel website sets the tone for your brand of service.

Think of your hotel website as your digital lobby. It’s the first impression you give off to guests when they look for you online. Having a professional-looking and well-structured hotel website is a reflection of your hotel’s facilities, services, and what guests can expect during their stay. 

Your website can show guests a glimpse of your hospitality and the experience you can provide. Looking through your hotel website can entice customers to book a stay or even just to inquire about current promotions. 

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2. Guests refer to a hotel website to verify online information.

With online ads everywhere, guests will always turn to hotel websites to verify the info they come across online. Because this is your digital lobby, customers should be able to easily find all the information they need to make a reservation, i.e. running promos, rooms & rates, facilities, extra services, etc. 

By making it easy for guests to locate the info they need, you help them make decisions faster and essentially shorten the booking process. It also helps customers share the same info with family and friends and potentially earn you more reservations. 

3. Information is better communicated through hotel websites than other digital platforms. 

Most hotels already have social media pages to connect and communicate with their guests. So why bother having a separate website? It’s for the simple reason that with social media, communication is limited and can often be taken out of context. 

With a hotel website, you have more control on what info is displayed and how it is communicated. Plus, your hotel website is also your primary tool for brand awareness and digital marketing. You get more online visibility just by having a website that search engines and ads can direct guests to. 

4. Booking at hotel websites serves as the endpoint of all marketing efforts. 

All hotel marketing efforts are geared towards hotel bookings. When you have a hotel website, it’s easier to direct and collate all leads into one endpoint with a clear call-to-action. 

Furthermore, it makes more sense to maximize one booking platform that delivers 100% of revenue than to spread efforts across OTAs with commission fees. Having your own website provides your hotel with better marketing and revenue opportunities in the long run. 

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5. Hotel websites make it easier for guests to make direct bookings which lead to higher revenue for the business. 

Having your own hotel website makes it easier to integrate a booking engine and reservation system. This then allows guests to make reservations on your website instead of using OTAs or third-party booking channels that have higher rates and commission fees. 

Allowing direct booking also makes the reservation process easier for guests. 83% of guests would rather book directly with a hotel website than with an OTA so they can enjoy better room rates. 

What should be included in a hotel website?

Here are the top 5 features and capabilities every hotel website should have.

Creating a professional hotel website sounds intimidating and overwhelming. Often, hoteliers have too little or too much information on display, or they can drown out content with irrelevant features and widgets. 

When building a hotel website, you need to prioritize the most important information and capabilities that will help guests find what they are looking for. To help you get started, here are the top 5 features and capabilities to include in your site:

  1. Updated content and information

  2. Current reviews and ratings

  3. Mobile optimized pages

  4. Secure payment options

  5. Contact page

Note: While some of these seem technical, you can implement these features easily with a hotel website builder like eZee Panorama. Learn more about the software here

1. Make sure guests can easily find updated content and information so they can make reservations faster. 

There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to locate updated content or having to inquire about current promotions and deals. Make sure to display the most relevant info on your homepage and be clear about what’s being communicated. There’s a higher chance of guests availing special promos when instructions and details are communicated clearly.

2. Entice customers by displaying positive reviews and feedback on your hotel website.

Did you know 80% of hotel guests check online reviews before making a reservation? Many people rely on reviews to verify a hotel’s services, amenities, and facilities. Just by displaying stellar reviews and ratings on your hotel website can significantly boost the amount of bookings you get.

3. Optimize your hotel website for both smartphone and desktop for ease of use. 

Mobile hotel bookings have increased by up to 73% in the last year. Hotel websites that aren’t optimized for mobile use lose out on thousands of revenues just because guests are inconvenienced by the interface. Remember to always check webpages for mobile optimization before going online to increase traffic and bookings. 

4. Provide secure payment options and ensure multiple currencies are supported on the hotel website to encourage direct bookings. 

It’s important that hotels provide safe payment channels on their websites if they want to get direct bookings. Having a variety of payment options (credit, debit, wire transfers, etc.) and supporting multiple currencies encourages more reservations from both local and international guests. 

Allowing customers to make direct bookings and payment on your hotel website requires you to invest in a booking engine. A booking engine is a hotel software that accepts and stores customer reservation details and feeds it back to the hotel inventory for processing.

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5. Provide guests with a way to contact you and vice versa for any inquiries, offers, or promotions. 

Include pop-up forms that ask for guest contact information to be used for sending out newsletters, exclusive offers, and discounts. These can help bulk up the customer database and make it easier to reach out to patrons. Furthermore, a contact page is also a reliable way for customers to get in touch with management instead of going through social media channels or email. 

Having a hotel website is an important part of establishing your business. Not only does it introduce your hotel to potential customers, it’s also the most direct way for them to make bookings, inquiries, and to learn more about your business. Invest in a professional hotel website today and get one step closer to securing your hotel’s long-term success. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hotel Websites

What is a hotel website?

A hotel website is your business’ most important marketing tool and information archive. 

It’s a repository of all the relevant information guests, investors, and partners need to get to know your hotel’s story, services, promotions, and accolades. It also provides guests with a glimpse into your hotel’s hospitality and what they can expect during their stay. 

Why is a hotel website important?

A hotel website is important for building credibility, marketing services, and reaching guests. 

The other benefits of having a hotel website include: 

  1. Sets tone for your brand

  2. Guest verification

  3. Info dissemination

  4. Endpoint for marketing efforts

  5. Direct bookings

What should be included in a hotel website?

Hoteliers should display their room types, rates, facilities, list of services, and current promos. 

Guests should easily be able to locate all the info they need to make a reservation. 

What are the top capabilities a hotel website should have?

A hotel website should have features that make it easy to navigate and book a reservation. 

Here are other things to include in a hotel website:

  1. Updated content and information

  2. Current reviews and ratings

  3. Mobile optimized pages

  4. Secure payment options

  5. Contact page

Where can I find an affordable hotel website builder?

eZee Panorama is an affordable hotel website builder, with FREE hosting and SSL. 

It comes with premade templates, widgets, and third-party integrations for a fully-customizable hotel website. Plus, you get access to a professional website designer for guidance. 

Article by: Ayna Gonzales