What is a Hotel Reputation Management Software and Why is it Important?

Imagine you had several potential guests looking for a hotel. They come across yours and are interested. They do a quick online search and find a few negative hotel reviews, low star ratings, and complaints. Suddenly, your hotel has gone from being their top choice to out of the roster. What happened? 

Well, if you didn’t know already, a hotel’s reputation, both online and offline, significantly affects the amount of bookings it gets everyday. Nearly 83% of customers will check online hotel reviews and ratings before making a reservation. 

If during this research your hotel name is linked to multiple complaints or has a lack of stellar recommendations, then you’re probably losing out on bookings without even knowing it. 

This is where a hotel reputation management software can help you. 

A reputation management software is a digital system that can help hoteliers improve the public’s perception of their business.

What is a hotel reputation management software? 

A hotel reputation management software is a digital system used to monitor, address, and boost your hotel’s online brand image and reputation. It is used to keep track of all online hotel reviews, ratings, testimonials, and comments from different platforms. The system makes it easier for hoteliers to constantly maintain and improve the public’s perception of their hotel and attract guests, partners, and investors. 

How does a hotel reputation management software work? 

A hotel reputation management software scours the internet to track, gather, and organize reviews so hoteliers can monitor and manage them better.

The software works by scouring the internet for search terms, backlinks, and tagged testimonials on popular travel and hospitality websites for any mentions of your hotel. It then allows users to conveniently monitor and respond to all reviews from one dashboard. 

There’s no need to manually check every hotel review or travel website, it’s all done instantly. It’s easier for hoteliers to catch negative comments or complaints before they escalate publicly. 

Being able to handle unhappy guests both offline and online is a key skill in the hospitality industry. So adding a reputation management software to the process can only make it more efficient. 

What are the benefits of using a reputation management software?

Investing in a hotel reputation management software is more than just being able to reply to complaints, comments, or inquiries. By understanding how the general public perceives your business, you can then take steps to further improve your services, enhance your hotel’s image, and attract more customers. 

A reputation management software gives hoteliers insights into what their customers are saying and how they can improve their service.

Why a hotel reputation management software is important

  1. Monitor overall hotel reputation

  2. Address negative feedback

  3. Gain valuable insights

  4. Improve hotel credibility

  5. Attract more guests and partners

1. A reputation management software makes it easier for hoteliers to monitor how customers perceive their business. 

First and foremost, the function of a hotel reputation management software is to help hoteliers monitor what people and previous guests are saying about their business online. Whether it’s good feedback or negative comments, hotel managers must always be aware of their business reputation. 

By knowing how customers perceive their business, hoteliers can make strategic adjustments to their marketing, public relations, and even daily operations to create a better public image. In the long run, their good standing brings in not just new customers but also new partnerships, opportunities, and more revenue. 

2. Hoteliers can flag and address negative feedback and comments faster with a reputation management software

Dealing with negative feedback is never enjoyable and hardly an easy task. However, it is an important one that hoteliers need to do regularly. With a reputation management software, negative feedback can be grouped together and intentionally addressed. 

Hoteliers can clear up misunderstandings, offer a resolution to unsatisfied guests, and attend to any comments that are harmful to the hotel’s reputation. By using an automated system instead of manually looking for negative feedback, hoteliers can address problems before they escalate. 

3. Reading hotel reviews and feedback provides hoteliers with insights on how to improve their hotel’s reputation and service. 

Many hoteliers often check in with guests during and after their stay. This allows them to gauge whether guests enjoyed their stay and if there’s anything that can be improved. However, most guests aren’t comfortable voicing concerns during these talks. Majority would rather put their honest opinions in writing online– which a reputation management software can track. 

Taking the time every week to browse and analyze online reviews about your hotel can help you identify recurring comments and patterns that can be used to improve services. Alternatively, reviews can also provide insight into what services customers would appreciate during their next stay. 

4. Display positive reviews and comments to provide proof of your hotel’s stellar service and reputation.

A reputation management software isn’t useful just for catching negative reviews, they also highlight positive feedback and praise from previous guests. Hoteliers show these testimonials on their website, ads, and marketing materials to build up their social proof. 

Studies have shown that customers check online reviews before booking a hotel. Showcasing testimonials and happy guests can help increase bookings and is free marketing for your hotel. 

5. Having an overall good standing in the hospitality industry helps your hotel expand operations and attract new opportunities.

The above-mentioned benefits all work together to improve your hotel’s overall reputation to attract new opportunities. Investors, partners, suppliers, and other brands are always on the lookout for business collaborations in the hospitality industry. And using a reputation management software can help you achieve this. 

Furthermore, having a good hotel reputation gives you more leverage to approach potential partner brands and companies, and even negotiate new contracts, rates, and terms with your suppliers. Knowing how much value your hotel has can give you an advantage when it comes to furthering business operations. 

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Using a reputation management software can greatly enhance your hotel’s overall image and the way it is perceived by the public. Know what guests like, what can be changed, and what can be improved. Use the system to create a lasting legacy of quality service and memorable experiences that keep guests coming back again and again. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Hotel Reputation Management Software

What is a hotel reputation management software?

It is a hotel software designed to help hoteliers monitor and manage online reviews, ratings, and comments about their business. They search online to find guest feedback on hotel services and amenities on popular review websites and hospitality publications. 

Why is a hotel’s reputation important?

Your hotel’s reputation greatly impacts the number of guests and opportunities you attract. A good reputation increases bookings and the possibility of brand partnerships and investments. A less than ideal one can ensure fewer reservations and less success in the future. 

How does a hotel reputation management software work?

The software works by searching online for any reviews, comments, and feedback about your hotel and services. It collates them into an organized dashboard so hoteliers can monitor what people are saying and address concerns and complaints. 

What are the benefits of using a hotel reputation management software?

A reputation management software allows hoteliers to: 

  1. Monitor overall hotel reputation

  2. Address negative feedback

  3. Gain valuable insights

  4. Improve hotel credibility

  5. Attract more guests and partners

What is the best hotel reputation management software?

zenrooms Reputation Management System is an all-in-one solution to improving your hotel’s online reputation. It’s an easy-to-use system that can help you organize and manage reviews to enhance your hotel’s overall image.