Hotel Marketing Ideas to Attract Staycationers

One of the more reliable travel segments to focus your hotel marketing ideas on are domestic travels who want to stay longer than the average guest. In fact, Agoda’s GoLocal survey reveals that 65% of travelers would like to take domestic trips in the next 12 months, while only 35% would want to travel internationally. 

It makes more sense that marketing strategies for hotels and resorts should work to attract nearby staycationers looking for a trip in or around their hometowns. They stay longer, spend more during their stay, and will offer some revenue stability for local hotels looking to find quick wins in their hotel marketing strategies.

In this blog, we will discuss how becoming an appealing staycation destination is one of the most effective sales and marketing ideas for hotels that can help hoteliers increase their revenue. 

5 Best Hotel Marketing Ideas to Attract Guests

  1. Assess the demand

  2. Offer experiences that domestic travelers want

  3. Partner With Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)

  4. Maximize your online presence

  5. Promote your staycation promo actively on social media

What’s inside this blog?

  • Staycation: What it is and how it will help hoteliers increase revenue

  • The Best Staycation Marketing Strategies for Hotels and Resorts

  • Frequently Asked Questions About Staycation Marketing Strategies in Hospitality Industry

Hotel Marketing Ideas: Understanding the Impact and Benefits of Staycation

Before we tell you the most effective hospitality marketing strategy, you must first understand what staycation is so that you can plan your staycation promo and hotel sales and marketing strategies right.

As defined by the Oxford Dictionary, staycation is a vacation spent in one's home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions.

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So, why are staycations so popular now? The short answer is, staycations are the closest thing travelers can do to feed their wanderlust in the middle of the pandemic. Because of the on and off lockdowns across the globe, booking an international trip may not be the best idea right now as most of the countries are still closed for leisure travelers. Hence, the search volumes and demand for staycations are soaring, making it the new travel trend in the new normal. 

And if you utilize this just right, your hotel will definitely benefit from staycations and therefore, increase your revenues.

The Best Staycation Marketing Strategies for Hotels and Resorts

With the current situation now, staycation is the way to keep the hotel business afloat. As many would say, it is the lifeline for the industry. So, it is important for hoteliers to apply the right strategies to win in the new travel trend. Here we’ve rounded up four effective staycation marketing ideas you must follow in order to benefit from this trend.

1. Assess the demand

Now that the global market has spoken about the idea of staycation, it’s time to assess the market demand in YOUR area. It is important to assess the demand in your area because the travelers in your zone are the ones who would likely book your hotel after all. Assessing the market demand will help you create an offer that travelers will not be able to resist. What’s the point of the other global surveys when there’s no actual interest in your target market.

2. Offer experiences that domestic travelers want

Staying at a hotel is not just about the room anymore, it’s about the overall experience to make a staycation memorable for the traveler. One of the things to make your guests happy is to cater to their needs. 

To achieve this, create an experience that is tailored to the demand in your area. Whatever offer you decide to put together, think about what your target market wants right now. Do they want a less crowded surrounding? Are they traveling to de-stress? Do they want an outdoor or nature-focused destination? Are they traveling with family? Or are they looking for a hotel where they can work remotely?

There are different types of staycations and understanding your market carefully will help you cater the experience accordingly. To make your work easier, you can also conduct a poll to your own guests for more insights.

3. Partner With Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)

OTAs can be a major source of revenue so partnering with them can be a big win for your hotel. They are aware of the importance of domestic tourism that is why OTAs have been actively promoting domestic travels. It will be a waste if you don’t join those campaigns as it is a free promotion. OTAs will promote your hotel, or even feature it if your hotel is good enough, in their advertisement campaigns. As these OTAs have a major budget behind their back, their ads are really targeted and effective, bringing a lot of attention to your hotel if your hotel joins these campaigns. For example, Agoda launched Agoda GoLocal and is actively promoting their domestic rates. You can also send promotional emails to your loyal guests.

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4. Maximize your online presence

In this day and age, everything is digital and many people are mostly on their phones or computer almost 24/7. That is why maximizing your online presence is vital for your business’ success.

Social media is an indispensable hotel marketing tool because it provides hotels the chance to build guest relationships and strengthen the hotel’s online reputation. It can support decision-making as guests begin planning their trips using a search engine, looking on social media for travel inspiration and also reading online reviews. Of course just because you’re on social media does not mean you will automatically get more bookings. There are lots of factors that will help you win the netizens such as creating beautiful visual content because images and videos will let the guests want a taste of what they can experience at your hotel. 

Set up your online presence accordingly based on the staycation experience that you have chosen to offer your guests. Ensure that the content and photos are updated with the latest pictures. When you are promoting a natural view in your hotel, then you have to post the panoramic view of your hotel’s surroundings so that the potential guests can already feel like they want to stay at your hotel. When promoting work-from-hotel arrangement, ensure that you write clearly in the description that it has all the facilities required for remote work.

5. Promote your staycation promo actively on social media

You should also be actively posting on your social media channels. Don’t let your amazing content go to waste by letting it rot on your computer. Put it out there and let the world, your area rather, know that amazing experiences at your hotel await them. You can also partner with bloggers or influencers in your local area to reach more people.

In the end, as a hotel owner, surviving this pandemic is the ultimate goal. With these strategies, not only will you generate enough revenue to cover your costs, you might even have extra revenue for growing your hotel even further.

How to guarantee the revenue is optimized? You have to ensure that the price for the specially curated experience above is according to the guests’ willingness to pay. ZEN eManager Express will help you achieve that as it uses demand data and forecasting in order to predict your potential guests’ willingness to pay. With eManager Express, it is ensured that your hotel rooms are priced optimally and your revenue is maximized.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Staycation Marketing Strategies in Hospitality Industry

Q: What is staycation and what is the trend now?

A: Staycation is a holiday spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, with trips to local attractions. As the pandemic looms, staycation is still popular among travellers. Agoda’s survey states that more than 65% people are interested in staycations. A report from Indonesian news also said that the popularity of staycations is still increasing this year.

Q: What are the ideas to market staycations at my hotel?

A: You have to pick the correct experience for your target market. Not all staycations are about family trips or romantic getaways. It can be nature trips, work-from-hotel arrangements, or even just a relaxation getaway. Understand your market well, pick the best experience, and then don't forget to market it. Post photos of the experiences, put promotions, and also join OTA campaigns promoting local stays.

Q: Are OTAs also aware about the importance of staycations?

A: Yes! Most major OTAs have been promoting staycations and domestic travels since the pandemic started. For example, Agoda has Agoda GoLocal which gives discounts for domestic travellers and is also promoting heavily on their domestic travel. Expedia, Traveloka, and other major OTAs also have their own programs. It is pivotal to join these programs and campaigns because of one thing: free promotion. OTAs will promote your hotel, or even feature it if your hotel is good enough, in their advertisement campaigns. As these OTAs have a major budget behind their back, their ads are really targeted and effective, bringing a lot of attention to your hotel if your hotel joins these campaigns.

Q: How do I ensure that staycations will bring revenue to my hotel?

A: Besides actively promoting your staycations, it is also pivotal to ensure that the stays are priced accordingly. Offering too low prices will bring loss, while putting too high prices will deter people from booking your rooms. Optimal prices are difficult to come up with, but with ZEN eManager Express, it will be a breeze. With artificial intelligence technology, ZEN eManager Express ensures that the prices recommended are suitable for the guests’ willingness to pay. This way, you can ensure the best experience for your guests with the acceptable prices, while at the same time bringing more money to your hotel as well.

Article by Cielo Fernando