Southeast Asian 2022 Holiday and Hotelier Guide

Get ahead of your hotel marketing plans for 2022! Here’s a quick hotelier  guide on local and international holidays and seasonality guide for hoteliers. Plan your promotions, events, and offers to match hotel guest demands and tourist surges. 

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Southeast Asian Destination Peak Seasons:

Tourists flock to the Philippines for Christmas vacation and summer holidays

Indonesia’s famous beach destination and tourist city have overlapping peak seasons

Travelers stream into Malaysia at different times of the year for particular attractions

Vietnam’s historic cities are popular holiday destinations for nearby countries

The city-state of Singapore becomes crowded with travelers during the first half of the year

Tourist surge from different countries

Here are the months when most travelers fly out from their countries to explore others.

Southeast Asian Holidays 2022

Expect a surge in hotel guests during these holidays.

Quarter 1 Holidays

Quarter 2 Holidays

Quarter 3 Holidays

Quarter 4 Holidays

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Article by Ayna Gonzales