Optimizing the Hotel Booking Process with Ivan Gorkovenko

The hotel booking process has changed significantly in the last few years. Instead of traditionally calling hotel front desks or having a travel agent make arrangements, travelers and tourists are taking a more hands-on approach in making their accommodation plans. 

In fact, Well, for one, it means hoteliers need to up their digital marketing strategies to capture customers. And two, the hotel booking process needs to be tailored in such a way that customers are inclined to book your hotel over all the rest. 

To learn more about optimizing the hotel booking process, we sat down with zenrooms VP for Commercial Strategy Ivan Gorkovenko. 

Having worked in the technology and SaaS industries for most of his career, Ivan is an expert in maximizing software to grow businesses and expand operations. As zenrooms VP for Commercial Strategy, he is responsible for helping our Partner Hotels find the right digital solution to their hotel problems. 

Increase your hotel’s online presence and visibility to reach more customers with a professional website and a booking engine.

The first step to optimizing your hotel booking process is to upgrade and strengthen your digital marketing efforts. 

“You lose customers simply by not being online,” says Ivan Gorkovenko. “Make sure your customers know who you are and what you’re offering. You have to be online and accessible to them.” 

Did you know 87% of customers view a hotel’s website before making a reservation? Investing in a professionally made hotel website helps your customers learn more about your services and build your credibility. It also gives them more information about your ongoing promotions, offers, and events.

50% of people visit the hotel website after finding it on an OTA, a phenomenon known as the billboard effect. Having an automated online booking system allows hotels to generate direct bookings and make your customer do all the work for you. Create personalized promotion to increase direct booking and revenue from your targeted market.  

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Be available on the most popular OTAs and booking channels. 

Having a professional website with a booking engine isn’t the only way to improve your hotel’s online presence and discoverability. Listing with the most popular OTAs and booking channels significantly increases your hotel’s online visibility and widens your reach. 

With OTAs, your hotel is exposed to a variety of customers looking for various accommodations. For example, our zenrooms OTA marketing service draws in up to 1.5 million visitors every month! That kind of visibility and reach are hard to come by with just your hotel website, especially if your business is relatively new. 

“OTAs are helpful in maximizing your hotel’s online exposure. Many people now prefer to research accommodations on OTAs,” notes Gorkovenko. 

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OTAs also allow you to get an overview of what customers are searching for online and what your competitors are offering to guests. Browsing through some of the most popular ones can easily give you a sense of the general room types and rates that sell best. 

However, listing with OTAs means having to manage more than one hotel inventory. Make it easier on yourself by using a Channel Manager. 

Use a Channel Manager to automate rates and room inventory across platforms. 

When you’re listed with multiple OTAs and booking channels, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with managing distribution and inventory. Instead of spending hours manually updating rates and room availability, invest in a hotel software designed to automate the process. 

With a Channel Manager, you can enjoy automatic real-time updates to your inventory without having to cross-check with your hotel’s Property Management System. Say goodbye to booking errors, double bookings, and overbookings with this system. 

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Try our Channel Manager and make OTA management more efficient with these features: 

  • Connection to 150+ OTAs and booking channels

  • Single-point dashboard

  • Instant automatic updates

  • Real-time competitor monitoring

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Entice guests to book with your hotel by improving your overall brand image. 

During the hotel booking process, guests don’t only check your website. They also check online reviews, ratings, and testimonials to get verification of your services. While you do have some degree of control over the public’s perception of your business through your own marketing and PR efforts, it’s important to note that guest reviews are just as vital to curating a positive image. 

The best way to do this is to use a Reputation Management System. It’s a hotel software that helps hoteliers monitor online reviews, address complaints, and keep track of what guests are saying about their business. 

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“Reviews are very important. You can get a lot of feedback and insights from guests by checking their reviews,” notes Ivan. “Hotels should use the information on guest testimonials to improve their services and address any weaknesses in the business.” 

Using a reputation management system not only helps attract guests during the booking process, it also helps hoteliers identify areas of improvement and growth in their business. Keeping up with guest expectations and demands is easier when you know exactly what they’re looking for. 

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Lastly, make sure you’re offering the most competitive hotel room rates. 

Some people would say that room rates are the deciding factor in the hotel booking process. Gorkovenko would disagree. 

“No one really knows what the ‘perfect’ room rate should be. What I can say for sure is that guests will pay more if they see value in your services. It’s not about which hotel is the cheapest or most expensive. It’s about price matching your business with the services you’re able to offer to certain kinds of guests.” 

With hotel room pricing, you can rely on a Revenue Management Software to help you generate the best rates. Ours uses real-time Dynamic Pricing to reflect market data, competitor rates, and current booking patterns to auto-update your room prices. 

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Revenue management and hotel pricing strategies take into account what customers are looking for, what the prevailing market rates are, and how much value you can offer them. It’s both an art and a science that requires expert knowledge and powerful software to get the best results. 

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Optimizing the hotel booking process requires continuous research and experimentation using a combination of hotel software and hospitality knowledge. By understanding how hotel tech can be used to attract guests and provide better services, you can steadily grow your business into a successful and sustainable venture. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Hotel Booking Process

What is the hotel booking process?

The hotel booking process is the customer journey potential guests take when deciding which hotel they want to book during their trips. It’s a decision-making process that takes into account previous experiences, guest expectations, market rates, and the list of options available to them. 

How can hoteliers improve the booking process for guests?

For hoteliers, improving the booking process means leading customers towards their own reservation pages by providing the necessary information and the best deals. Hoteliers need to improve their online visibility, brand reputation, and room-rate selection to get optimal results.