Maximize Your Hotel Bookings with This Property Management System

A hotel’s success is largely dependent on how many hotel rooms it can sell. Maximizing your hotel bookings and occupancy is a combination of good hotel management and having an efficient hotel property management system. With ZEN Property Management System (ZEN PMS), you can easily monitor, manage, and maximize each of your hotel rooms. 

A Hotel Property Management System allows hoteliers to monitor and manage bookings across all channels

Distributing your hotel rooms across booking channels increases your chances of selling out your inventory. However, managing and monitoring all those rooms on different platforms can be tedious, especially if done manually. 

If you have ever experienced double-bookings, missed reservations, mix-ups in cancellations and scheduling, then you’re just one of the thousands of hotels that encounter this problem. The main issue with hotel booking management is that it’s difficult to keep track of your inventory when your reservations are coming from multiple sources. 

Most hotel room reservations usually come from direct website bookings, online travel agencies (OTA), and walk-ins. Imagine having to monitor all those listings 24/7. It would be a nightmare to do manually. That’s where ZEN Property Management System comes in. 

ZEN Property Management System seamlessly integrates with over 500 third-party hotel booking channels and collates all listings into one easy-to-manage dashboard. You can view your entire inventory from just one application. You can see real-time changes in room count, room rates, and confirmations. There’s no need to have multiple tabs open. Instantly reduce booking errors, streamline inventory management, and maximize your hotel bookings with ZEN. 

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Use the Property Management System to analyze your hotel booking data and occupancy rates.

Having a hotel property management system doesn’t just help with reservations management. You can also use the data gathered to make strategic plans to maximize revenue per available room (RevPAR) and increase overall occupancy. 

Improve your hotel marketing strategy with data insights. 

Because ZEN Property Management System gathers all your room listings, you can identify which order source provides you with the most sales. Inversely, you can also find out which channels might not be worth investing in. 

Knowing where your sales are coming from can help you tweak your marketing budget. Allocate more resources to channels that increase hotel bookings and find ways to help least productive platforms. 

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Identify hotel booking trends and guest patterns. 

You can also use data from the system to identify hotel booking patterns. Perhaps customers are more amenable to booking at certain times or days of the week? Introduce a flash sale during these times.

Or maybe peak season is when your most expensive rooms sell just as fast as the most affordable ones. Increase prices to maximize RevPAR. By analyzing your inventory data, you can give you so much insight you would normally miss. 

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Increase hotel staff efficiency with properly allocated tasks, schedules, and responsibilities. 

Most hoteliers forget the crucial fact that their hotel staff has a hand in maximizing their inventory. Hotel inventory management and analysis isn’t their only responsibility. Room turnover is also affected by how hotel employees process, bill, and prepare each guest room. 

ZEN Property Management System has a built-in capability that allows users to manage front desk operations like faster check-ins, room allocations, and night audits. You can also work on billings, recurring payments, and scheduling to automate daily tasks. 

Having a hotel software that improves employee performance helps you to increase hotel bookings and occupancy rates with a small investment. Transferring daily business tasks to an automated system frees up your team to focus on improving guest experiences and customer satisfaction. With an efficient management team and happy guests, increased room sales and faster turnover are well within your grasp. 

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Article by: Ayna Gonzales

Frequently Asked Questions About Hotel Property Management Systems

What is a Hotel Property Management System?

A hotel property management system (PMS) is a software application designed to manage front desk and backend tasks such as hotel room bookings, billing, staff allocation, and room rates. 

What are the benefits of using a Hotel Property Management System?

Some of the benefits of using a hotel property management system include: better hotel booking management, increased occupancy, guest insight, and increased hotel staff productivity. 

What is ZEN Property Management System? 

ZEN Property Management System is a hotel software designed to streamline front office tasks and streamline hotel operations, management, and hotel bookings to enhance the guest experience.