8 Ways to Convert Hotel Website Traffic Into Bookings

The hotel website traffic is one of the most significant factors in increasing your revenue that is why, many hoteliers are now giving greater importance on increasing the metrics for them to benefit from. While more hotel website traffic is good, it does not necessarily mean that it will convert into more bookings. 

Remember this: Traffic ≠ Bookings. According to Hotel Tech Report, the hospitality industry has a 2% average website conversion rate. Meaning, for every 100 website visitors, only two of them take the next step. But here’s the good news, you can actually boost your hotel website conversions in just a few simple steps. Before we get right into boosting your hotel website conversions, we will discuss first how you can increase your hotel website traffic in order for you to take the next steps.

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How to Increase Your Hotel Website Traffic

There are various ways on how you can boost your hotel website traffic: paid, earned, and owned media. Read on to know their differences and which one suits best for your strategy.

1. Pay for traffic

If you’re looking into a method that will lead you to a quick win, opt for paid traffic. Paid traffic is the easiest and quickest way to generate hotel website traffic. The downside is that you have to allot a budget for this as your ads are dependent on it. So if you want to make your ads effective, you must target the right audience with the right offer at the right time.

There are online channels where you can pay to boost your hotel’s visibility and traffic. Among the most popular are:

  • Facebook and Instagram ads

  • Paid search (pay-per-click, auction-style text ads displayed at the top of a search engine results page, like Google AdWords or Bing Ads)

  • Metasearch

  • Display banner ads

  • YouTube ads

  • Boosted pins on Pinterest

2. Get publicity

Maximizing publicity is also important as it creates public awareness of your brand and services through media coverage. But since we are in a digital age now, there has been a big shift online as “earned media” online can drive trackable traffic back to your hotel website. 

According to Sprout Social, earned media is defined as any publicity or media that is not generated by your company or agents of your company, but rather by organic methods via customers, social media fans, journalists or bloggers. It’s any publicity that you have not commissioned or paid for, is created by a third party and is not published on a site that you own.

You can “earn” the traffic through customer reviews, backlinks, mentions on any social media platforms, word of mouth recommendations both in person and digital, post shares/retweets, etc. 

3. Leverage on your own channels

With the right techniques, your own channels can really help your hotel website traffic take off. Focusing on your own channels like your blog and social media is the most effective way to drive traffic. Since you own it, you also control it. However, it requires the most effort and takes time to create and scale. But when you hit the right button, high returns await you. 

Since you already have a website, you might as well use it to your advantage by optimizing your content for SEO to rank higher in Google Search Engine. Promote your hotel on your own social media channels. Ensure to have great quality of content as well, and leverage on email marketing.

How to Boost Hotel Website Traffic That Actually Converts

Now that you know how you can increase your hotel website traffic, it’s time to convert those into more bookings. As discussed above, more website traffic does not mean it will automatically convert into sales. 

But as a hotelier, driving traffic to your website is not the main and end goal. The final goal is to make the website visitors actually book rooms in your hotel. While a good number of website traffic is great, you must also focus on other metrics that matter. In this case, conversion rates.

Many hotel website visitors just landed on your website perhaps because of your blog that appeared on Google, or they are just simply browsing your website to check on your amenities. In short, they have no booking intent. The challenge is how you can make these website visitors book directly on your website. 

To ensure the conversion rate is high enough, you have to guarantee that:

1. Attract the right traffic

One possible reason you’re not getting sales from your website visitors is that you’re attracting the wrong audience. What you can do is to target the right SEO keywords that relate to your website. If done right, expect your traffic and conversions to skyrocket. 

Another way to attract the right traffic is by promoting your website to the right social media platform where your potential customers are.

2. Have a clean and user-friendly website design

A good, straightforward design can go a long way. Nowadays, minimalism is the new trend and we can easily see why. Keeping your website design clean and simple helps to improve your user’s experience. And the better the user experience, the more conversions you will get. But just because you’re choosing a simple design does not mean that it has to be boring. The key is blending simplicity with elegance.

3. Display reviews and testimonials

Reviews and testimonials are important for improving your conversions. In a survey done by Search Engine Land, it shows that 88% of web users trust online testimonials as much as they trust personal recommendations. 

By displaying testimonials and reviews left by your customers, your website will look trustworthy.

4. Write convincing copies

Sales copy matters more than you think as it is your most powerful tool that will greatly help you increase your conversion rates. If you have killer sales copies, chances are you will convince your website visitors to actually book your hotel or avail any of your services. 

5. Craft clear CTAs

Effective calls-to-action (CTAs) can help you guide your website visitors through the buying journey and directly impact your conversion rates. The CTAs are short, simple, and recognizable. To make it easily seen, make the buttons easy to use, and include urgency while keeping the text straightforward. With this, you will be able to encourage your guests to take the next step.

6. Implement quick, easy contact methods

By adding a live chat feature to your website, you can be available whenever potential customers want to reach you. This action will increase your customer satisfaction and help you build trust with your potential customers.

7. Offer loyalty programs

Generating sales from new customers plays a huge role in the success of your hotel but the real profit comes from keeping them. Encourage visitors to remain on your website and increase conversions by offering incentives or rewards to direct bookings and repeat stays. 

You can treat new loyalty members to a free room upgrade, or give first-time bookers double points that they can use for their next stay or to avail your other services. 

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8. Provide a secure way for payments

With so many frauds and scammers online, giving personal details online especially when it involves money can halt people from purchasing. By providing a secure way for payments, you will give your guests some peace of mind whenever they’re booking with you. 

While doing these things is possible, it could take a lot of your time that could affect your team’s productivity. In order for you to manage your website effectively and securely, get help from professionals who have experiences in the field. 

ZEN RMS can be bundled with a booking engine and experts in website design to ensure that not only your website is beautiful but also has high visibility online. Cyber security and easy-navigation for guests are also guaranteed with our booking engine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there any free method to increase traffic to my hotel website?

A: Yes! As mentioned above, there are a lot of ways to improve your hotel website traffic freely. Currently, social media presence is the most important as ever, therefore having your social media for your hotel active and is always updated to the newest content is important to drive traffic to your hotel website. Google SEO is also one effective way to improve traffic freely, ensuring that your hotel website is on the first page of search when guests are looking for some related keywords

Q: After guests come to my website, how do I ensure they will book rooms in my hotel?

A: To convert guests that come to your hotel website to actually book rooms is called conversion rate. Conversion rate can be increased through multiple ways, such as ensuring your website loads quickly, the user experience is top-notch, ensuring the guests to be able to check availability and prices easily, and ensuring that their personal information and payments are secure

Q: Is there any industry expert to help me increase traffic and conversion rate of my hotel website?

A: Yes! ZEN Hospitality Solutions has worked together with hundreds of hotels across multiple countries, optimizing their hotel websites and ensuring cyber security for their payment through our booking engines. Contact us now to bundle eManager Express with our booking engines to have a perfect combination of optimal pricing strategy and improved direct bookings through direct website with the help of industry experts with years of experience.

Article by Cielo Fernando