Increase Occupancy with An Effective Digital Hotel Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is an essential part of every hotel’s marketing strategy. Having a concrete and consistent plan designed to drive potential customers to your website can significantly affect your occupancy rate and revenue. 

With so many digital tools available now, the job of a hotel marketer is to create the right mix of content and ads to lead people straight to an online booking channel. It’s all about finding the perfect combination of email marketing, paid digital hotel advertising, social media marketing, and OTA listing distribution.

Market your hotel through engaging social media content

Using social media is an easy and inexpensive way to start getting your hotel’s name out there. Travelers are constantly checking their socials for new hotels they can book. Investing in good photos, videos, stories, and reels can entice your followers to book. Including relevant hashtags and keywords can also help get your brand discovered. 

If you have the budget, invest in social media ads to target certain demographics to have higher chances of getting reservations. You can also experiment with different combinations of media and storytelling to make your hotel marketable online. 

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Advertise your hotel through OTA listings

Online Travel Agency (OTAs) listings , also known as third-party booking websites, expose your hotel to a bigger market and more potential guests. Advertising on OTAs also gives you a better understanding of what competitors are doing. By knowing how other hotels are pricing and advertising their rooms, you’ll be able to differentiate your hotel rooms. 

Having listings on OTAs also makes your hotel more discoverable for people who are not yet aware of it. Matching with the right audience is easier and it allows you to get information on what’s trending, what customers are looking for, and what the most popular features are. 

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Build relationships with your hotel’s target market using email 

Sending previous guests and website visitors your newsletters can help build a stronger familiarity and relationship. Sending out emails provides your guests with exclusive information that can compel them to make a hotel reservation online and recommend it to others. 

Your hotel newsletter content should be varied depending on the recipient and intent. You can email discounts and promotions to previous guests, or you can send upcoming events to frequent website visitors. Invest time and resources into learning how you can make the most of your email marketing strategy to increase occupancy and build brand loyalty. 

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Invest in online hotel advertisements

Digital ads can significantly boost your hotel’s brand presence, online social reputation, and generate leads. Creating targeted ads optimizes your budget and campaign to get the best results. Plus, the data in the results can provide insights that will be useful for future campaigns and hotel marketing plans. 

Hotel advertising online is also more efficient and cost-effective when you segment your audience based on your objectives. You can create ads for awareness, newsletter sign-ups, and direct website bookings. Try out a few combinations to see what works best for your hotel. 

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Having a solid hotel digital marketing plan is essential in an increasingly online and connected world. Hotels need to upgrade their marketing plans to stay on top of trends and customer preferences to generate leads, increase revenue, and stay relevant in the market. 

Generating traffic is only the first step. Dealing with the influx of guests and making sure each booking adds up to your bottomline is equally important. Work with ZEN Hospitality Solutions. Our consultants can help you strategize and recommend hotel management systems to address all your needs. Talk to an expert today.

Article by Ayna Gonzales