Limited Hotel Staff? Invest in Hotel Management Systems

The pandemic has crippled the hospitality industry. Not only are hotels coping with much fewer customers, they’re also struggling with limited manpower. 

The hospitality industry is one of the worst-hit business sectors since the pandemic began two years ago. With more hotels adapting to the new normal and reopening their doors to guests, having limited manpower is still an uphill battle. 

Health protocols, changing schedules, and increased need for PTO has many employees opting out of the hospitality industry altogether. The staff shortage has also affected the quality of service hotels are able to provide. 

Instead of worrying about how to hire more help or create better schedules, hoteliers should invest in hotel management systems to improve their efficiency and performance. 

Hotel Management Systems Are Industry Standards Now

Hotel management systems aren’t just for big hotel chains anymore. Every hotel can benefit from investing in automated software that can significantly decrease workload for the entire staff and management. 

Furthermore, customers have also grown accustomed to expecting digital and automated options during their stay. They would prefer to make bookings and manage their reservations online rather than making phone calls or through agents. 

Even hotel staff in the industry are being regularly trained to manage automated systems and digital software to better serve guests. Having those systems in place keeps them focused on guest satisfaction rather than wasting time on repetitive tasks. 

Automate Recurring Hotel Processes and Transactions

One of the most time-consuming aspects of hotel management is the completion of daily tasks, routines, processes, and business transactions. Traditionally, multiple front desk and backend employees handle these processes to ensure smooth hotel operations. With the advancement of hospitality tech, more digital systems and hotel software have entered the market to make hotel management faster and easier.  

Automated systems like a property management system can streamline your reservations and make it easier for guests to make bookings and easier for your staff to manage each one. A software like ZEN Property Management System also has built-in front office capabilities that help staff monitor and manage daily tasks, billing, and check-in processes. 

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A booking distribution system like the ZEN Channel Manager handles all OTA listings, third-party reservations, and website bookings. There’s no need to have multiple people manage separate platforms when one can do it from a single online dashboard. It’s more efficient and gives you more control over listings and room rates. 

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There are also hotel revenue management systems that streamline financial strategy planning. For example, ZEN Revenue Management Software’s Dynamic Pricing feature automatically adjusts daily hotel room rates. Employees can put their attention to other sources of revenue while the system maximizes RevPAR. 

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Better Hotel Systems Lead to Better Hotel Performance

Running a hotel with limited manpower is challenging. Adapting not just to industry changes but also to employee needs can help hoteliers thrive in a new travel era. Investing in hotel management systems improves hotel performance, increases revenue, makes employees happier, and keeps guests satisfied during their stay. 

Interested in hotel management systems? Check our ZEN Hospitality Solutions. We have an array of systems designed to help hotels become more efficient and profitable. Talk to an expert today to find the right hotel software for you.

Article by: Ayna Gonzales