Hotel Experience After Pandemic: Guests’ Expectations & How to Achieve Their Satisfaction

The pandemic has changed travel in so many ways that were impossible to imagine. One of the biggest changes that took place in the hospitality industry is the overall hotel experience for both the guests and hoteliers, and satisfying guests and ensuring their expectations are met have become more challenging to achieve in the new normal.

In this article, we will talk about the hotel guest experience expectations, some ideas on how to improve experience in the hospitality industry, how to achieve the complete satisfaction of your guests, and more.

Tips to Achieve the Best Hotel Customer Service Experience Amid the Pandemic

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, traveling is not the same anymore and the pandemic has taken its toll on the hospitality industry. But, this doesn’t mean hoteliers will not be able to navigate the new normal and achieve complete customer satisfaction. Here are some tips on how to deliver the best hotel customer service experience.

  1. Offer flexible booking policies

  2. Ensure hotel cleanliness and hygiene

  3. Keep up with technology

  4. Innovate exciting and value-for-money packages

  5. Make guests feel at home

What’s inside this blog?

  • Hotel Experience Expectations After the Pandemic

  • Surefire Ideas to Enhance Hotel Guest Experience

  • How to Achieve Hotel Guests’ Complete Satisfaction

  • Frequently Asked Questions About Hotel Experience

Hotel Experience Expectations After the Pandemic

As we navigate the new normal, there are two major hotel guest experience expectations that hoteliers must meet in order to succeed in the business: safety in the hotel premises and utilizing technology.

Traveling in the middle of a pandemic has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. But one thing that will never leave the minds of the travelers is how safe they are at their point of destination. Because of this, the hotel guest experience major expectation is that tourist destinations and hotels follow the safety and health protocols. For you to gain your potential guest’s trust, you must assure them that your hotel is undertaking best practices in this area. The hotel guests want almost everything to be contactless for their own safety. And that leads us to our next point: utilizing technology.

Even before the pandemic, many tech-savvy travelers, including older generations, have emerged and they expect hotels to be keeping up with technology, meaning, they are looking forward to mobile-friendly websites, easy navigation, and a fast and simple booking process. What more now that the world is battling with a pandemic, adapting to technology is more crucial than ever.

Surefire Ideas to Enhance Hotel Guest Experience

Just as the experience in hospitality industry has become different in the new normal, the customer service has also changed. The way hoteliers operate and serve experiences will go through many changes and adaptations to form a long term success. Hoteliers must look closely at what travelers are looking for and what services they need. Here are some tips on how to deliver the best hotel customer service experience.

1. Offer flexible booking policies

With the current situation where on and off lockdowns, everything has become more uncertain and traveling is not an exception that is why many guests are hesitant to book in advance. In order to achieve complete guest satisfaction and loyalty, hotels need to show flexibility in times of crisis. Not only because everyone is affected and it is the right thing to do but also because you need to think of your customer lifetime value. You can do this by updating your reservation and cancellation policies to provide peace of mind when they book with you. By offering empathy through flexibility, chances are your guests would return to your hotel in the future because they were treated well.

2. Ensure hotel cleanliness and hygiene

Traveling in the new normal means guests will be more health-conscious than ever so they will prioritize hotels that will give them a comfortable and worry-free stay. Assess which areas of your hotel need improvement or increased precautions and assure your guests that your property is practicing safety and health measures. 

3. Keep up with technology

Many travelers, including older generations, are now tech-savvy so most bookings are most likely done online. Hence, one of the most critical ways to serve unique hotel experiences to your guests is to make things easier, faster and more personal for them to have a satisfying experience. 

Nowadays, you can pretty much achieve your goals with a technological solution. Offer contactless check-in and check-out; apply smart technology in your hotel rooms where guests can immediately and easily sync or exchange their data with every electronic device from their phone; add smart TVs; automated curtains; and so much more. Keep up with technology so that your guests will have a smooth experience in your hotel. 

4. Innovate exciting and value-for-money packages

Offer your guests value for money and attractive packages that will interest them personally. It could be a complimentary meal, free shuttle service, free tours, exclusive discounts for loyal guests, room upgrades for a small additional charge or special discounts for long stays. Preferably, you want an offering that will please your guests, therefore, your package must sell convenience and quality. This way, your guests will be more enticed to avail it and at the end of the day, they will have the most unique hotel experiences. 

5. Make guests feel at home

According to the survey by Clever Real Estate, 60% of leisure travelers who use both hotels and Airbnb prefer the home rental platform versus hotels because of the access to home amenities and the local, authentic experience they provide. 

So, if you want to attract and retain more guests, sell experiences rather than rooms. What we mean by this is that, don’t just focus on promoting your hotel rooms. People want to feel at home during their trips but that does not just necessarily refer to property comforts. It means travelers like hotels to insert levels of personalization. Learn about your guests’ interests to make personal recommendations about things to do during their stay. Guests have different needs so figure out exactly what those needs are. Doing this can help make their travel experience feel more exclusive and improve the overall guest experience hospitality–which could lead to brand loyalty. 

The smallest details make all the difference.

How to Achieve Hotel Guests’ Complete Satisfaction

The best hotel customer service experience does not just dwell on how aesthetically pleasing your hotel is because good hospitality holds greater power in achieving complete customer satisfaction. 

Curate creative packages that will excite your guests and think of ways to make their experience in hotel booking easier. Keep up with technology for a simpler and faster journey for your guests. Adapt to the current situation to provide the best experience for your guests. Be pleasant and more approachable so that your guests feel more comfortable and at home whenever they stay at your hotel. The hotel businesses live and die by the satisfaction of their guests so do your best to figure out what their interests are and provide them with the best service. At the end of the day, value for money is what guests would be satisfied with.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hotel Experience

Q: What can hoteliers do to provide an extra comfortable experience for their guests in a post-pandemic environment?
A: The most important thing hoteliers can do is to communicate efficiently and proactively. If you are able to provide guests with the necessary information about the adjustments before arrival and during their stay empathy and compassion we must offer to our guests: we know it’s a big change, we know they will not enjoy their experience to the fullest, we know it is inconvenient and unsatisfactory not to have all those great amenities and services available. But it is for their own safety, and we must continue to stress that if we want to comply with our commitments. 

Q: What can hoteliers do to recapture the experiences for guests?
A: Hoteliers should be preparing now for a post-COVID world. First, they should refresh their places to make a great first impression, including the safety and health protocol. Second, they must redesign their offerings, working hard to provide more engaging, memorable, and remarkable experiences.

Q: What are the advantages of having good safety and health protocol for my hotel?
A: Travelers in the new normal prioritize hotels that give them worry-free stays so ensuring your guests that your hotel follows and practices safety and health measures will capture your target market increase and will lead to an increase of trust for the property as well.

Q: Where can I get the information of what is needed for my hotel safety and health protocol?
A: For Indonesian hoteliers, check the manual book for certification here:

Other countries can visit the website of the Ministry of Health of your country to find the terms and conditions to get the certification as well.

Article by Cielo Fernando