The Hotel Content You Should Be Sharing To Attract Potential Guests

Creative, engaging, and inspiring hotel content isn’t just for an aesthetic feed. A strong social media strategy focused on high quality content can excite your followers and maybe turn them into future hotel guests.

Creating a strong and engaging social media presence is an important part of any hotel marketing plan and long-term business strategy. Being able to attract attention and entice potential guests through smart content marketing is a huge advantage in the competitive hospitality industry.

But with content fatigue and an oversaturated online space, what kind of content can you share that can bring out your hotel’s best features and make it stand out? How can hoteliers create interesting and engaging content? 

First, get clear on your hotel content marketing goals

Before you begin creating amazing content, figure out what you want your hotel to gain.

Strategic content marketing is grounded in clear objectives and desired outcomes. When it comes to hotel marketing plans, every content plan should be geared towards a specific goal. Whether that’s to highlight a new promo, introduce new rooms, or launch a new website, hotel content should be aligned with a single message. 

When you’ve decided what your goal is, you can then get creative and start thinking of the most engaging ways to attract potential guests to increase your occupancy rate and maximize revenue. 

So, what kind of hotel content should you produce?

The great thing about hotel content marketing is you can give your guests a glimpse of what your hotel has to offer. Being more creative and putting a twist on common content ideas can do wonders for your hotel marketing, without having to spend too much time or money.

Here are a few ideas you can do for your own hotel social content.

1. Tap into hotel and travel influencers

Goal: Market to more people in your target market

How to do it: You don’t have to do all the heavy lifting to promote your business. You can instead work with established hotel and travel influencers to market and create content to share with their own followers. It’s a great way to widen your reach, tap into new markets, and build more credibility and interest around your brand. And because these people have more marketing experience, they can produce more creative content and bring more attention to the business that in-house marketing may be lacking. 

2. User-generated content from previous guests

Goal: Become more relatable 

How to do it: A lot of hotel guests enjoy posting content and tagging business in their photos and videos. Make it a habit to go through your tags or hashtags to find content you can repost or remarket to your followers. Including user-generated content (UGC) gives your brand and services legitimacy  that always attracts people. You can even encourage guests to tag and create content by adding photo-op spots in your hotel common areas in exchange for small discounts or perks. 

3. Reviews and Testimonials

Goal: Build trust and credibility

How to do it: Gather feedback, comments, reviews, and ratings that previous guests, publications, and personalities gave about your hotel and share them online. Having a third-party verify and vouch your hotel service and their experience is the best form of relationship building and publicity for your business. This also makes for great user-generated content.

4. Activities in the area

Goal: Highlight your hotel’s great location

How to do it: Market your hotel’s location and make it a logical choice of accommodation by highlighting everything that tourists and travelers can do in the area. You can partner with local recreational establishments to cross-promote each other and have exclusive deals for your guests. 

5. Daily hotel activity

Goal: Show different aspects of your hotel

How to do it: What’s mundane for hoteliers and staff can be so fascinating to outsiders. You can create videos of how your staff prepares decors for the holidays, how chefs prepare meals, or a time-lapse of what goes on in your lobby or hotel bar. It’s like giving people a sneak peak of their experience if they book with you. 

Hotel content marketing is all about creating a story for your hotel and enticing people to book with you. By creating and sharing substantial and interesting content, you can bring more awareness, establish your credibility, and build a relationship with your followers. Who knows, you might even get a few leads and inquiries from just one amazing photo or video. 

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Article by Ayna Gonzales