Improve Guest Satisfaction with Three Hospitality Tech Upgrades

Hospitality technology is still relatively new. Innovators are continuously working to learn more about how technology can improve the hotel guest experience.

Hospitality technology is often thought of as systems, engines, and software designed for the benefit of the hotelier. The most common ones are hotel revenue management systems, channel managers, and property management systems. While these help to improve the efficiency and profitability of a hotel, they don’t necessarily have a direct impact on guest satisfaction. 

However, in recent years, players in the hospitality technology industry have been making significant progress in creating guest-centered tech. These innovations help to create a more convenient and relaxed hotel experience throughout their stay. 

Read below our top three picks for hotel guest satisfaction tech.

1. Guest messaging apps allow for faster communication between guests and hotel management

In-room phones are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Many hotels in Asia have started to introduce their own messaging apps that connect guests directly to the hotel front desk and facilities. Some third-party apps also offer this like Monscierge, Whistle, and EasyWay.

These branded hotel apps are usually connected to other messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Google Chat to allow guests to use their preferred platforms. Messaging apps are also integrated with hotel amenities for easier booking and order placement. 

2. Keyless entry systems are more convenient and eco-friendlier

Keycards have been around for decades. Though they seemed innovative compared to a traditional iron key, many hotels have been leaning more towards keyless entry systems. Instead, guests can enter their rooms via biometrics, passcodes, or with just a wave of their phone!

Research has shown that these new keyless systems make guests feel safer and makes the process more convenient. It’s also beneficial to hotels and the environment in the long run. There’s no longer any need to print out plastic cards that will get lost, thrown, or regularly replaced. 

3. “Smart hotel rooms” controlled by tablets are becoming hospitality industry norms

In line with the digital transformation of the hospitality industry, many hotels have been replacing bulky binders and folders with sleek tablets. The centralized system not only displays relevant information but also allows guests to control room temperature, access centralized entertainment systems, and see a list of attractions in the area. 

Akin to a “smart home,” the smart hotel room can be managed and customized to a certain extent by the guest to create a more personalized experience during their stay. It’s a forward-looking innovation that takes the phrase “home away from home” to a new level. 

Introducing hotel tech upgrades requires a lot of financial investment. However, these investments pay off in the long run and increase not just the value of a hotel but also its reputation in making guests feel welcome and pampered. Start slowly and watch as your guests rave about your hospitality and marvel at your innovation. 

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Article by Ayna Gonzales