Do Hotels Need Social Media Marketing?

Many hoteliers believe in the power of social media. And rightfully so! Studies show that 75% of travelers post photos of their trips and hotels online. But what exactly does it mean to “do social media marketing right” and how can hoteliers capitalize on the power of social proof? 

Create shareable hotel content and stories to start conversations about your business.

One of the most common mistakes businesses make in social media marketing is treating the platforms as advertising channels. The same is true for hoteliers. They fill up their social pages with generic ads and content that doesn’t resonate with followers or connect with their brand. 

It’s just another picture with no real story. And social media marketing is all about storytelling. 

Regardless of what product or service you are advertising, the key to succeeding on social networking platforms is to share stories and narratives about the subject. The more impactful the content is, the more engagement it receives from users. 

Remember that social media was designed for people to connect and communicate with their friends and family. Users are more inclined to engage with and share content that is relatable and aspirational. 

Instead of filling up your feed with discounts and promos, put more emphasis on the human aspect of hospitality. Share guest experiences, staff training, outreach programs, and other human events that people will love. 

Use social media to highlight the people behind your hotel and the guests who enjoy your services. 

Hotel marketing isn’t just about displaying your hotel’s facilities and amenities. The people who help run the business and those who experience your hospitality are more interesting and engaging to your followers.

Let’s say you have a big event at your hotel. While most hoteliers would choose to use this opportunity to highlight the facilities and rates, it’s better to share the story of how the event came to be and what happened during the occasion. 

For example, your hotel is hosting a wedding. You can share photos of the kitchen crew preparing for the big day. You can interview the couple and ask them to share their story and why they chose your hotel. You can share videos of the guests arriving, the kids dancing during the reception, and everything else that happens in between. 

By using social media to share stories that feature your hotel,mail you’re associating your hospitality business with positive experiences. You have a better chance of having content like this shared than just posting photos of what your ballroom looks like. 

This same strategy works on different platforms and different occasions. You can even share just everyday mundane happenings the same way normal people use social media. This approach humanizes your business and gives you more opportunities to connect with followers and future guests. 

Capitalize on your social content to drive direct hotel bookings. 

Now that you have a better grasp of how to use social media to market your hotel, the next goal is to convert followers into guests. 

Once you have successfully crafted a social media strategy using story-driven content, you can then focus on reminding your followers that they too can experience the same stories at your hotel. 

Remember that the unspoken message of every post is that “you can experience this too when you book a room with us.”

Of course it’s encouraged to always have a call-to-action at the end of every post. It can either be a simple “visit our website” or a more intentional “book now.” What’s important is that you provide followers with an easy way to make a reservation. 

The most convenient way to do that is by installing a hotel booking engine on your hotel website. Enjoy seamless integration of your reservation system with your social media pages and hotel website. 

A hotel booking engine is a software that allows guests to make a reservation on their own directly from your website or social media pages. It is seamlessly integrated into web pages that guests don’t have to click out from their social media accounts to book a room. 

Integrated booking engines also provide both guests and hoteliers with a win-win situation. Because the booking engine is directly linked to the hotel, there are no commission fees tied to each reservation, unlike with OTAs. And because there are no extra charges for the hotel, hoteliers have more freedom to offer better (i.e. more affordable) rates and packages to guests while keeping 100% of their sales. 

Learn more about our booking engine and reservation system during your FREE consultation. 

Social media marketing is an effective tool to boost your hotel’s visibility and overall reputation. However, being strategic and intentional with the content you share is more important than just being present on every platform. Highlight the human aspect of your business and share stories that resonate with your guests. Remember that at the heart of hospitality is the experiences created within your walls. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hotel Social Media Marketing

How can hotels use social media to get more booking?

Hotels should use social media to share human interest stories and positive guest experiences. They can use their social accounts to highlight the people behind their business and those who enjoy their services. 

What social media platforms can hotels use?

Hotels are advised to use the social media platforms that best resonate with their target audience. If their clientele are on the older side, Facebook and Twitter are good options. Younger guests are more active on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. 

What kind of content should hotels share on social media?

Focus on content that puts emphasis on human interest stories and experiences that happen in your hotel. Post videos and photos that create conversations and incite positive emotions from followers. Remember to include a clear reminder to make a reservation at the end of every post.