Build Your Hotel’s “Social Proof” to Increase Bookings

Over the years, social media has transformed from an easy-going connectivity platform filled with games and chat boxes into a billion-dollar marketing platform. Every business has their own social media marketing plan, hotels included. 

Just last year, study found that 48.75% of surveyed hotels ranked “Social Media” as their second most important Sales & Marketing investment. Hotel marketers see social media as a powerful tool to generate leads and drive more guests to their properties. 

And the numbers don’t lie. Facebook alone has about 2.7 billion users and Instagram has around 1.1 billion. A huge market like that is a big opportunity for hotels to raise awareness, build relationships, and generate revenue. The only problem is how to convert this audience into paying guests. 

Why Your Hotel’s “Social Proof” Is So Important

Travelers and hotel guests will never book accommodations without “social proof.” And in the digital world, having compelling social media profiles is the huge step towards a confirmed booking. 

Social media research has become part of the customer journey. Every traveler will research potential hotels or accommodations before they book a reservation. Included in this research is checking a hotel’s Facebook or Instagram page, looking at reviews, and checking out video walkthroughs or vlogs of past guests. 

Having an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed, tons of positive reviews, and well-shot videos isn’t just for vanity. These all help to build your hotel’s social media reputation as a credible, hospitable, and trustworthy business that people will be willing to spend money on.

Using Social Media to Increase Hotel Bookings

Investing time and resources into your hotel’s social media can seem futile at the start. But curating a positive image online can and will increase hotel occupancy and drive room reservations. 

Build Hotel Awareness

Having a Facebook page for your hotel can help communicate your hotel's values, promotions, news, and advocacies. It’s a great platform for reaching a wide and diverse audience that may be curious about your business. New guests can also get an overview of what staying at your hotel is like. 

Highlight Rooms and Amenities

Room tours, hotel photoshoots, events, and behind-the-scenes content have been shown to work well on Instagram. Use a combination of photos and videos to highlight the most attractive parts of your business –whether it’s the rooms, the view, or the infinity pool –to attract hotel guests. 

Share User-Generated Content

Compile tagged photos, stories, reviews, and testimonials from past guests so you can share them on your social accounts. Having other people verify your hotel’s quality service builds more trust and credibility. The more people share about their experience, the more new guests will be inclined to book. 

Have Social Media-Exclusive Content and Promos

Reward your followers with platform-exclusive content and promos. It could be a simple first-look at your new facilities or a limited discount. Giving out time-sensitive incentives for people to visit your hotel through specific platforms can create a sense of urgency. 

Work with Hospitality Influencers

If you have the budget, working with influencers can boost your social proof. Because these people have industry credibility, having them promote you on their socials gives their massive following a reason to visit your establishment. A seal of approval from them can have their followers clamoring for a room in no time. 

Investing in social media and building up your hotel’s social proof and reputation takes time. It can be a tedious process, but it does have amazing benefits when done correctly. Knowing how to master the world of social media can attract new guests, build loyalty, and increase revenue in the long run. 

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Article by Ayna Gonzales