Enjoy a 30% Increase in Revenue with this Hotel Management System

Integrating hotel management systems comes with a variety of benefits: increased efficiency, improved organization, and seamless synchronization of all digital data. However, even though those benefits are enticing enough to pique any hotelier’s interest, being able to increase revenue isn’t something just any hotel system can do.

Fortunately, ZEN eManager can do just that. Thousands of hotels in Southeast Asia using the system have experienced, on average, a 30% increase in revenue. 

Here’s how that’s possible. 

Sell more hotel rooms with seamless OTA integrations using the built-in Channel Manager

Hotel bookings are no longer limited to just direct website reservations. Guests have the option to book from different channels to find the most convenient room for their needs. In 2021, Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) accounted for at leastZEN eManager has a built-in Channel Manager that allows hoteliers to seamlessly integrate with third-party booking platforms to maximize room distribution and hotel marketing. The feature also allows real-time monitoring and managing of all room listings from a single dashboard. 

Optimize hotel room rates to maximize RevPAR and increase bookings

Hotel revenue management is all about selling the right room at the right price to the right person. Coming up with the most attractive rates for every room, every day can be exhausting. With ZEN eManager’s revenue management software and dynamic pricing feature, all room rates are calculated and adjusted daily to ensure competitiveness. 

By using the system’s automated revenue manager, hoteliers can enjoy higher revenue per available room (RevPAR) and increased bookings with minimal intervention. The system is also fully customizable to align with each hotel’s business goals and overall strategy.

Get 24/7 access to our in-house Hotel Pricing Experts

Not only does ZEN eManager come with advanced hotel management features, but it also gives hoteliers consultations with in-house pricing experts that can advise them on pricing strategy and revenue management.

Hoteliers can work together with consultants to come up with the best ways to maximize rooms sold, increase occupancy, and optimize resources. It’s an unparalleled service found nowhere else. 

ZEN eManager is the all-around hotel management system that every hotelier needs to invest in. With a guaranteed 30% increase and several other benefits, there’s no reason to skip out on an amazing hotel software. 

Interested in starting your hotel’s digital transformation? Work with ZEN Hospitality Solutions. We specialize in hospitality management tech designed to revolutionize the way hotels operate in the changing travel landscape. Learn more by talking to an expert today.

Article by Ayna Gonzales