August 22, 2022

Hotel Reservation Systems: How Does It Work?

Hotel reservations systems should not be confused with hotel booking engines. Read about what is a hotel reservation system, its functions and advantages, here.

April 07, 2022

Hotel Booking Engines VS OTAs: Which Brings in More Room Reservations?

But if OTAs can be a major source of revenue, why would hoteliers prefer using their own hotel booking system? In this blog, we will weigh the pros and cons...

March 20, 2022

Top 5 Tips to Optimize Your Hotel Booking System

Optimizing the hotel booking process and cleaning up your reservations management software should be a regular, high-priority task. Make it as easy as possible for guests and give them a...

February 04, 2022

Where Are Your Hotel Bookings Coming From?

By having customer booking data, hoteliers can understand how best to reach and connect with their customers. This also helps identify missed opportunities and reveal customer booking patterns. It will...

July 12, 2021

8 Ways to Convert Hotel Website Traffic Into Bookings

The hotel website traffic is one of the most significant factors in increasing your revenue that is why, many hoteliers are now giving greater importance on increasing the metrics for...

June 29, 2021

Hotel Marketing Ideas to Attract Staycationers

With the pandemic still far from over, the idea of international trips remains off the table, but domestic travels are expected to rise amid the pandemic. In fact, Agoda’s GoLocal...

June 25, 2021

How to Decide on the Best Hotel Room Type Mix to Improve Business

In every property, hotel room types should be used by hoteliers to position your room product to be more attractive and convey excellent value. However, it is easier said than...

May 10, 2021

5 No-Fail Tips to Increase Your OTA Rankings For Maximizing Revenues

Increasing revenues during the pandemic may be quite challenging especially now that travel restrictions are in place. But even if the hotel industry is one of the most affected, this...

May 10, 2021

Dynamic Pricing for Hotels: The Fastest & Smartest Way To Increase Revenue

The hotel industry is constantly growing today and will definitely continue to do so as Southeast Asia continues to develop and attract both domestic and international tourism. But with the...